Breanne Semenko, RD

University of Manitoba

MSc Thesis: The Efficacy of Smart Vertical Farm Grown-Brassica Vegetables for Type 2 Diabetes

Breanne’s research interests include sustainable food systems, food equity, and public health and policy.

Fun fact about Breanne: I Latin dance!

Explore Breanne’s publications below:

UM – Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences. (2023, March 2). SCA 2023 Student Videos – Breanne Semenko [Video]. YouTube.

Nandasiri, R., Semenko, B., Wijekoon, C., & Suh, M. (2023). Thermal Processing via Air Frying Improves the Antioxidant Properties of Brassica Vegetables. Antioxidants, 12(2),490 (Impact Factor – 7.675)

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