Dr. Alayne M Adams 

McGill University

Dr. Adams is an associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine.  Alayne is an applied social scientist with expertise in global urban health and nutrition, health systems research and the social determinants of health in Africa and South Asia. Broadly speaking, her research investigates the complex realities that give rise to health inequities and innovates evidence-based solutions. Her current work on urban health systems examines a range of demand and supply-side challenges undermining the goal of universal health coverage in rapidly urbanizing low and middle-income countries, with a particular focus on Bangladesh. On the demand side, her research considers the health-seeking behavior of the urban poor and disadvantaged, and the features of community mobilization necessary to spark responsive urban service delivery. With respect to supply side challenges, she has pioneered research that employs GIS and data visualization techniques to improve the coverage and accountability of urban health services. Of particular interest is the urban private-for-profit sector. She has led qualitative and mixed methods studies examining the strategies and motivations of urban private sector providers and contributed to the design of implementation research testing participatory models of quality improvement in for-profit clinic settings. In Bangladesh, she is also involved in research and policy advocacy work on adolescent nutrition and food security in urban informal settlements. 

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