Pablo Arrona Cardoza

McGill University

Thesis: Uncovering links between genetic, sensory, and appetite-related aspects of food cue reactivity: Experimental studies of the effects of food advertising and retailing.

Research Interests and Future Goals: I am interested in how biology and the environment interact to shape eating behavior. I am passionate about understanding the influence of the food environment and advertising on individuals’ food choices, especially around foods that could increase the risk of chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes. In my research, I use technology that measures brain activity and visual attention to better understand these influences. My future goal is to continue the academic path to become a professor. I would also like to be involved and have a career in science communication.

Fun fact about Pablo: I practice powerlifting, despite having 5 surgeries in my right knee.

Publications: Arrona-Cardoza, P., Labonté, K., Cisneros-Franco JE., Nielsen, D. The Effects of Food Advertisements on Food Intake and Neural Activity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Recent Experimental Studies, Advances in Nutrition, 2022,ISSN 2161-8313,

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