Manon Fantino-Lalonde

McGill University

Thesis: Interactions between genetic factors and dietary environment on eating behaviors and cardio-metabolic diseases.

Research Interests and Future Goals: My work as a nutritionist and my former research experiences have reinforced my desire to continue my career in clinical research. My main interests are centered on the development of nutritional strategies in the context of cardiometabolic diseases, specifically factoring in genetic predispositions, using clinical trials and epidemiological approaches. My professional ambition is to advance knowledge in the area of personalized nutrition to help provide better solutions to public health problems, such as the obesity epidemic that has plagued us for many years and cardiovascular disease. Throughout this PhD, I wish toadvance knowledge of the associations between the food environment and risk of cardiometabolic disease by considering a variety of contexts, including the residential environment, the workplace, and social media.

Fun fact about Manon: I am passionate about animal psychology. I took a lot of pleasure in training my dog and now I’m initiating myself in canicross in order to combine the pleasure of being with my dog and running.

Explore Manon’s publications below:

  • Fantino M, Paquette M, Blais C, Gauthier D, Saint-Pierre N, Bourque L, Baass A, Bernard S. Effect of Low-Fat compared to Low-Carbohydrate diet on triglycerides levels in subjects with multifactorial chylomicronemia syndrome: A Randomized Crossover Study – Nutrition Research.
  • Fantino M, Paquette M, Bernard S, Baass A. ANKS1A genotype predicts cardiovascular events in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia – J Clin Lipidol., 2021.
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