Brenda Zai

University of Guelph

Thesis: PhD in Population Medicine, specialization in Epidemiology: Climate-sensitive food safety risks and mitigation strategies in Canada’s changing climate.

Research Interests and Future Goals: As I continue my research career, I look forward to exploring the emerging area related to climate impact on Canada’s food system. Currently, there is a significant knowledge gap regarding the effect of climate change on the dissemination of foodborne pathogens throughout the farm-to-fork continuum. By better understanding these effects, climate resiliency can be achieved through unique mitigation strategies in order to provide safe and secure sources of food for all Canadians. Apart from my primary research, I take great interest in studying diverse means of attaining a more sustainable food system in Canada. I have had the privilege of exploring new food sanitation technology, innovative cellular agriculture developments, and improving the nation’s agri-food labour force.

Fun fact about Brenda: In my spare time I enjoy all things outdoors and will never turn down the opportunity to go to a concert.

Explore Brenda’s publications below:

  • Reimagining labour in agriculture explainer piece with the Arrell Food Institute:
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