Dennis Radman

McGill University

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, School of Physical & Occupational Therapy

Thesis: Design for Behavioural Change: Evaluating the effect of technology design strategies to support rehabilitation outcomes among adults with neurological conditions.

Research Interests and Future Goals: Dennis’ current research grows out of an interest in design, technology, behavioural economics, and rehabilitation. His research uses a community-based participatory research approach to explore the intersection of these domains. Dennis fancies himself a slayer of sludge and hunter of butterfly effects. He plans to mitigate barriers and incorporate principles of accessibility, choice architecture, defaults, heuristics, and nudge theory into several technology-related research projects during his doctoral studies. Further, Dennis is interested in finding intervention and design features with advantageous asymmetries. Dennis plans to hunt down those small changes that can catalyze significant changes. The intersection of technology and behavioural economic theory offers an opportunity to conduct meaningful research and leverage the reach and cost-effectiveness of technology and the asymmetrical nature of behavioural and design interventions.

Dennis’ main research project involves identifying technology features with the most significant impact on seniors’ mobility, social, and work participation, which will be embedded in a platform trial of the Acquired Brain Injury Electronic Mobility Monitoring and Intervention (ABI EMMI) System.

Fun fact about you: Dennis has dabbled in woodworking, prefers playing futsal over soccer, and designs websites.

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