Nadia Flexner

University of Toronto

Thesis: Estimating the dietary and health impact of food policies aiming to improve the Canadian food environment: a policy scenario modelling analysis.

Research Interests and Future Goals: Nadia is a senior PhD student in the L’Abbé Lab. Her doctoral research focuses on estimating the nutritional, health and health care costs impact of different food policies aiming to improve the Canadian food environment – such as food reformulation to decrease the content of sodium and free-sugars in packaged foods, and front-of-pack nutrition labelling.

Fun fact about you: I’m Peruvian, live in the US and study in Canada. Raising two kids and a puppy!

Explore Nadia’s publications below:

  • Flexner N, Christoforou AK, Bernstein JT, Ng AP, Yang Y, Fernandes Nilson EA, et al. Estimating Canadian sodium intakes and the health impact of meeting national and WHO recommended sodium intake levels: A macrosimulation modelling study. PLOS ONE. 2023;18(5):e0284733. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0284733.
  • Flexner N, Ng AP, Ahmed M, Khandpur N, Acton RB, Lee JJ, et al. Estimating the dietary and health impact of implementing front-of-pack nutrition labeling in Canada: A macrosimulation modeling study. Frontiers in Nutrition. 2023;10. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2023.1098231.
  • Flexner N, Bernstein JT, Weippert MV, Labonté M-È, Christoforou AK, Ng A, et al. How Many Diet-Related Non-Communicable Disease Deaths Could Be Averted or Delayed If Canadians Reduced Their Consumption of Calories Derived from Free Sugars Intake? A Macrosimulation Modeling Study. Nutrients. 2023;15(8):1835.
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