Louis A. Colaruotolo

University of Guelph

Thesis: Designing Foods for Stability: Unraveling the Contribution of Food Structure to Physical & Chemical Spoilage.

Research Interests and Future Goals: Louis studies how structure impacts the shelf life of novel food-based materials in efforts to make a more sustainable and equitable food system for the future. Although a future working with food deterioration would be far from rotten, Louis wants to pursue his passion for science communication (to hear about it, check out We Know Some Stuff).  Louis wants to use his learned knowledge and communication skills to become a liaison of scientific information. He wants to help connect the latest academic research to the goals of the industry and future government policy to usher in a more sustainable food sector.

Fun fact about you: In years past people often mistook Louis for actor Seth Rogan, so he has (fraudulently) signed autographs as Seth at 3 separate airports.

Achievements: First Place award at the International Food Technologists Food Engineering Division graduate competition: Scouting Structural Features that Contribute to Component Instability in 3D Printed Food Matrices

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