Samer Hamamji

University of Toronto

Thesis: The Association of Healthy Food Choices Aligned with 2019 Canada’s Dietary Guidelines on Cardiometabolic Risk Factors using the Canadian Health Measures Survey.

Research Interests and Future Goals: Samer studies the relationship between dietary choices aligned with the recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide 2019 and cardiometabolic risk factors among Canadians by developing a new dietary score, the Food Choices Assessment Score, using a nationally representative health data set: The Canadian Health Measures Survey. Samer’s future goal is to continue build research skills to conduct more detailed, insightful, and impactful research to help public health sectors and policy makers to promote health for all individuals and communities.

Fun fact about you: Italian foods are my favorite!

Explore Samer’s publications below:

  • Hamamji, S., Ng, A., Ahmed, M., & L’Abbe, M. (2022). Healthfulness of Food Choices as Recommended in Canada’s Food Guide 2019 and Cardiometabolic Health in Canadians: Evidence from the National Canadian Health Measures Survey. Current Developments in Nutrition, 6, 6009161.
  • Hamamji, S., Ng, A., Ahmed, M., & L’Abbe, M. (2022). Development of a Food Choices Assessment Score according to Canada’s 2019 Dietary Guidelines recommendations, using the Canadian Health Measures Survey. Appl. Physiol. Nutr. Metab. Vol. 47. [Ranked as the highest-ranked 8 abstracts and received the George Beaton Award at the Canadian Nutrition Society Conference 2022]. 
  • Jomaa, L., Hamamji, S., Kharroubi, S., Harake, M. D. E., & Nasreddine, L. (2020). Dietary Intakes, Sources, and Determinants of Total and Free Sugar Consumption Among Lebanese Children and Adolescents: Findings from a National Study. Current Developments in Nutrition, 4(Supplement_2), 1421-1421.
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