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The SMART Training Platform’s Annual Conference

The SMART Training Platform’s annual conference is a space to transfer knowledge, facilitate networking and build a community of practice. Our objectives of the annual meeting include fostering an interdisciplinary and intersectoral community of practice among researchers, trainees, practitioners, and knowledge users and identifying emerging priorities, potential projects, and training opportunities.

The annual meeting will be alternating virtual and in-person delivery. Conference session topics and posters will span many areas related to healthy cities, including implementation science, convergence-by-design, food and health, Indigenous issues, and equity, aging and chronic disease, transportation and housing, and training and policy. The SMART Training Platform is proudly supported by CIHR-NSERC, SSHRC funding.

Featured Event:

June 24th, 2024

Entry points for Solutions at Scale for Prosperous and Resilient Urban and Rural Circular Economies

The Healthy Cities conference aims to bring together researchers, trainees, practitioners, and knowledge users with an interest in building healthy cities to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange. By facilitating discussions on current issues, research findings, and potential solutions, the conference aims to identify emerging priorities for healthy cities and opportunities for further research and training.

The conference program will feature sessions and posters covering a wide range of topics related to healthy cities. These may include implementation science, convergence-by-design, food and health, Indigenous issues, equity, transportation, and housing, as well as training and policy.

Past Events

The Second Annual Healthy Cities Conference: Imagining Healthy and Smart Cities of the Future – Building Towards Systemic and High Dimensional Change, a New Framework

As cities around the world continue to grow, new ways of thinking and the implementation of innovative solutions are required to solve the many complex problems that are being identified. Attend this conference to learn more about today’s challenges and potential solutions for healthy cities, where we can all live, work and play. The programming was developed in collaboration with the Healthy Cities Implementation Science (HCIS) team grant recipients. 

First Annual Healthy Cities Conference

November 2022, we hosted the First Annual Healthy Cities conference in Ottawa, Ontario. Focusing on the central place of food in cities, we discussed key topics such as the use of ‘big data’ to create smart solutions for urban environments, relevant challenges Indigenous communities face, and the many facets of the circular economy in cities of the future. Our goal was to expand the understanding of implementation science and explore how to build and support healthy cities through research excellence, capacity building and knowledge mobilization.

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