Ruchira Nandasiri

University of Manitoba

PhD Thesis: Structural characterization of phenolic compounds in canola meal: impact of high pressure and temperature.

MSc Thesis: Antioxidant, antihypertensive and lipid-lowering properties of fruit vinegar beverages

Research Interests and Future Goals:

  • Food Chemistry and Nutrition
  • Functional Foods, Antioxidants, and Nutraceuticals
  • Value added co-processing
  • Novel green extraction applications
  • Human Clinical Studies

Research Projects:

  • Structure Function Relationship of Phenolic Compounds Associated with High Pressure and Temperature
  • Mustard Phenolic Compounds as Potential Anti-Tyrosinase Inhibitors
  • Application of Smart Technology to Improve the Nutritional Status of the Residents of Northern Manitoba
  • Therapeutic Properties of Mushrooms
  • Formula Development to Improve the Eye Health to Treat Molecular Degeneration and Computer Vision

Ruchira loves to play cricket in the warm summers and loves travelling!

Journal Publications:

  • Nguyen, T., Nandasiri, R.*, Fadairo, O., Eskin, N.A.M. The Effect of pH on the Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Properties of Three Different Mustard Extracts. J Food Science, 2023. (In Press) (Impact Factor – 3.167)
  • Teshome, E., Abera, T., Nandaisri, R., Rout, J. R., Harouna, D. F., Astatkie, T. Fruit By-Products and Their Industrial Applications for Nutritional Benefits and Health Promotion: A Comprehensive Review.  Sustainability, 2023 (In Press) (Impact Factor – 3.889)
  • Nandasiri, R.*, Semenko, B., Wijekoon, C., Suh, M. Thermal Processing via Air Frying Improves the Antioxidant Properties of Brassica Vegetables. Antioxidants, 2023; 12, 2: 490 (Impact Factor – 7.675)
  • Nandasiri, R.*, Fadairo, O., Nguyen, T., Zago, E., Anas M.U.M, Eskin, N.A.M. Optimization of Canolol Production from Canola Meal Using Microwave Digestion as a Pre-Treatment Method. Foods, 2023; 12, 2:318 (Impact Factor – 5.561)
  • Fadairo, O., Nandasiri, R., Aluko R., Eskin, N.A.M., Scanlon, M.G. Improved Extraction Efficiency and Antioxidant Activity of Defatted Canola Meal Extract Phenolic Compounds Obtained from Air-Fried Seeds. Antioxidants, 2022; 11,12: 2411 (Impact Factor – 7.675)
  • Fadairo, O., Nandasiri, R., Aluko R., Eskin, N.A.M., Scanlon, M.G. Air frying as a heat pre-treatment method for improving the extraction and yield of canolol from canola seed oil. J of Food and Bioprocess Technology, 2022; 113 (Impact Factor – 5.581)
  • Zago, E., Tillier C., De Leener, G., Nandaisri, R., Delporte, C., Bemaerts, K., Shavandi, A. Sustainable production of low molecular weight phenolic compounds from Belgian Brewers’ spent grain. Bioresource Technology Reports, 2022; 17: 100964 (Impact Factor – 9.642)
  • Zago, E., Nandaisri, R.*, Thiyam-Holländer, U., Eskin, N.A.M. Influence of Thermal Treatments on the Antioxidant Activity of Hemp Cake Polar Extracts. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2022; 110 (Impact Factor – 3.574)
  • Fadairo, O., Nandasiri, R., Alashi, A.M., Thiyam-Holländer, U., Eskin, N.A.M. Air frying Pre-treatment and the Recovery of Lipophilic Sinapates from the Oil fraction of Mustard samples. J Food Science, 2021; 86, 9: 3810-3823. (Impact Factor – 3.167)
  • Nandasiri, R., Imran, A., Thiyam-Holländer, U., Eskin, N.A.M. Rapidoxy® 100: A Novel Solvent-Free Pre-Treatment for Production of Canolol. Front. Nutr., 8:687851. (Impact Factor – 6.576)
  • Nandasiri, R., Zago, E., Thiyam-Holländer, U., Eskin, N.A.M. Attenuation of Sinapic Acid and Sinapine-Derived Flavor-Active Compounds Using a Factorial-Based Pressurized High-Temperature Processing. J   American Oil Chemists, 2021; 98, 7: 779-794. (Impact Factor – 1.849)
  • Nandasiri, R., Eskin, N.A.M., Komatsu, E., Perreault, H., Thiyam-Holländer, U. Valorization of Canola By-products: Concomitance of Flavor-active Bitter Phenolics using Pressurized Heat Treatments. Special Issue: Recovery, enhancement, and functionalization of value-added bioactive materials from food processing by-products. LWT, 2021, 138, 110397 (Impact Factor – 4.952)
  • Nandasiri, R., Eskin, N.A.M., Taron, M., Thiyam-Hollander, U., RapidOxy® 100: An Innovative Solvent-Free Pre-Treatment to Assess Phenolic Compounds from Mustard and Canola Meal. J   American Oil Chemists, 2020; 97, 97. (Impact Factor – 1.849)
  • Nandasiri, R., Eskin, N.A.M., Thiyam-Holländer U. Antioxidative Polyphenols of Canola Meal: Effect of High Pressure, Temperature and Solvents. J Food Science, 2019; 84, 11: 3117-3128. (Impact Factor – 3.167)
  • Liang, J., Zago, E., Nandaisri, R., Khattab, R., Eskin N.A.M., Eck, P., Thiyam-Holländer, U. Identification and quantification of main phenolic compounds of cold-pressed hemp oil by-products. J   American Oil Chemists, 2018; 95, 1319-1327. (Impact Factor – 1.849)
  • Nandasiri, R., Rupasinghe, H.P.V. Inhibition of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme and Low-Density Lipoprotein Oxidation in vitro by Functional Fruit Vinegar Beverages. J Food Processing & Beverages, 2013; 1 (1): 4.
  • Jayasinghe, C.V.L., Rangama, L., Nandasiri, R., Jayakala, M.B., Karunasekara, D., Jayasekara, M.K.C.P. 2011. Authentication of Sri Lankan bee honey. International Journal of Chemical Sciences, June 2011, Sri Lanka. (Impact Factor – RJIF8)

Book Chapters:

  • Ilyas, Z., Nandasiri, R., Redha, A. A., Aluko, R. 2023. High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) & HPLC-MS/MS Methods in Honey Analysis. Advanced Techniques of Honey Analysis: Characterization, Authentication, and Adulteration, 2023 (In press)
  • Nandasiri, R., Hewage, A., 2023. Food Safety Accreditation and Auditing. Food Safety Standards (In Press)
  • Nandasiri, R., Eskin, N.A.M. 2022. Occurrence of Canolol and its Derivatives in Oilseeds as a Source Antioxidants with Potential Health Benefits in Advances in Food and Nutrition Research. 2022; 109-129. (Invited Book Chapter of volume 100)
  • Nandasiri, R., Eskin, N.A.M., Eck. P., Thiyam-Holländer, U. 2020. Application of Green Technology on Extraction of Phenolic Compounds in Oilseeds (Canola). Green Technology, Bioactive Compounds, Functionality, and Applications in Cold Pressed Oils. 2020; 81-96.
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