Knowledge Translation

The primary objective of the SMART Healthy Cities Training Platform is to equip the upcoming cohort of researchers in health, social sciences, humanities, engineering, and natural sciences with the expertise to enhance the health, liveability, and resilience of Canadian urban areas through the optimization of food and food systems for better public health outcomes. Our initiative aims to empower participants from Canadian academic institutions with the competencies required to address the multifaceted issues prevalent in urban settings, fostering innovative approaches to enhance food accessibility, transportation, and overall well-being within Canadian communities, including those of First Nations. The training program will extensively cover implementation science, encompassing the entire spectrum of translating knowledge into practical application, spanning from conceptualization and execution to testing, scalability, and assessment. Practical learning experiences will afford trainees the opportunity to apply these acquired skills in real-world scenarios.

Our Impact

Dive into our Impact Reports: Discover how our actions, fuelled by knowledge and innovation, are reshaping cities and supporting training. Explore the stories, the data, and the impact that defines our commitment to implementation science knowledge mobilization!

Educational Readings

A collection of relevant and educational publications to further expand your knowledge on the topic of implementation science.


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