Our Courses

Our Courses

Courses offered by our network of nine academic institutions. These include courses related to implementation science study, theory, design, methodologies and tools, as well as convergence, complex system integration, data science and knowledge mobilization.

Methods Café Course

This course exposes students to novel research from various fields —from computer science to health and nutrition, sociology, marketing, and ecology— to explore complex challenges that urban environments face with regards to food access, mobility, and overall population health. Trainees will learn how to move knowledge into action from early stages of conception to execution, testing, scale up, and evaluation. Students will dive into state-of-the-art implementation science methods that range from effective community engagement to computational science. The course will encourage students to think critically and integrate knowledge and practice to solve complex societal problems and find ways to make cities healthier, more liveable, and more resilient.

Implementation Design Lab

Participants take a transdisciplinary approach and work together to address topics related to Smart Healthy Cities through implementation science and design thinking in a virtual lab. Cross-institution student teams will form to ensure a balance of background and disciplinary expertise. Teams will evaluate real-world projects to test, prototype and develop solutions that meet the defined program needs. This course will promote the application of knowledge gained through the Training Platform, including the SMART Methods Café.

Agent Based Modelling

Agent-based models are computational simulation models, applied in a wide range of disciplines, across the social sciences, used to explore complex problems. This class provides an accessible introduction to agent/individual based models and the complex problems they are used to explore.

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