Implementation Design Lab

The implementation lab is a unique environment for learning; it is the place where work is in progress; where ideas are generated and data tested; and where positions are taken and debated while working to create smarter and healthier communities to live, work, and play.

Course Description:

Participants take a transdisciplinary approach and work together to address topics related to Smart Healthy Cities through implementation science and design thinking in a virtual lab. Cross-institution student teams will form to ensure a balance of background and disciplinary expertise. Teams will evaluate real-world projects to test, prototype and develop solutions that meet the defined program needs. This course will promote the application of knowledge gained through the Training Platform, including the SMART Methods Café.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the implementation lab, students will have demonstrated the ability and confidence to:

  • Undertake challenging design problems, develop, and implement an effective method of design process and perform appropriate analyses and syntheses.
  • Accurately and effectively communicate analyses, arguments, and ideas to diverse stakeholders in visual, written, and oral forms.
  • Apply relevant and appropriate implementation science methods through transdisciplinary collaboration to promote smart healthy cities.
  • Engage fully and respectfully as a leader and/or team member to undertake relevant challenges of implementation science.
  • Critically reflect on their personal, academic, and professional goals to promote ongoing positive and innovative change within themselves as well as local and global communities.

Course Schedule:

Week 1Project Kick-off Workshop
Week 2Lab Work
Week 3Interim Review
Week 4Lab Work
Week 5Lab Work
Week 6Presentations
Reading WeekTentative
Week 7Lab Work
Week 8Lab Work
Week 9Interim Review
Week 10Lab Work
Week 11Lab Work
Week 12Presentations

How to Register:

To register for the Implementation Design Lab course please email [email protected] and include the following:

  • Please include “Implementation Design Lab course registration” in the subject header.
  • Please include your supervisor or advisor in your email.
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