Oscar Bismark Tetteh

University of Saskatchewan

Thesis: Determinants of Food Security in Northwest Territories, Canada.

Research Interests and Future Goals: Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics, Development Economics, Spatial analysis, Poverty and Vulnerability analysis.

Future Goals: To contribute to evidence-based policymaking and make a positive impact on society by conducting rigorous research and analysis in the field of development economics, with a focus on poverty and vulnerability analysis. Specifically, I aim to utilize applied microeconomics and applied econometrics techniques to examine the spatial dimensions of poverty and vulnerability in order to inform targeted interventions and policy recommendations.

My goal is to develop comprehensive frameworks and methodologies that integrate spatial analysis into poverty and vulnerability assessments.

Additionally, I aspire to collaborate with international organizations, governments, and NGOs to design and evaluate development programs and policies that effectively address poverty and vulnerability at both macro and micro levels. By applying rigorous research methods, including randomized controlled trials and quasi-experimental designs, I aim to generate robust empirical evidence on the effectiveness of different interventions and provide insights into their spatial variations and impact on diverse populations.

Ultimately, my goal is to bridge the gap between research and policy implementation by translating complex economic concepts and findings into actionable recommendations for policymakers and development practitioners. By combining a deep understanding of applied microeconomics, econometrics, and spatial analysis with a passion for addressing poverty and vulnerability, I aspire to contribute to sustainable and inclusive development strategies that uplift disadvantaged communities and improve overall well-being.

Fun fact about you: I enjoy going on road trips, which allow me to explore new places, experience different cultures, and create memorable adventures along the way. And when it comes to music, I have a particular fondness for Afrobeat music, with Sarkodie being one of my favorite artists.

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