Implementation Science Summer School

The SMART Training Platform’s summer school is an opportunity to learn new concepts, methods, and perspectives in implementation science and healthy cities.

We welcome senior undergraduates, graduate/postdoctoral students, and working professionals with an interest in closing the gap between what we know and what we do by exploring and identifying challenges that cities face today and tomorrow. The focus could include physical activity, healthy aging, social connectivity, economic opportunity, and injury prevention, as well as access to health services, healthy-nutritious food, transportation, housing, clean air, and green space. The learning experience includes small interactive sessions, round table discussion, field trips, and a case study project where interdisciplinary teams solve a “real-world” wicked problem.

This weeklong event offers trainees foundational knowledge in implementation science in the context of healthy cities, while integrating an immersive and experiential approach to learning. Trainees are given the opportunity to work cross disciplinarily to tackle and understand these complex problems presented by a sector partners. With two years of successful summer school events, we continue to adapt and explore the many facets of healthy cities. Attendees experience our platform courses through a high-level, fundamental workshop. Attendees can expect the annual theme, case studies, and field visits are subject to change.

Our trainees cited 94% of attendees strongly agree this experience helped develop peer network and interactions with individuals in other fields and institutions, and 81% would recommend the program to their peers. Explore our testimonials below:

“This program was an amazing experience! The collaborations and interdisciplinary nature of this program made this experience a memorable one and I was able to learn a lot about how circular economies work. Meeting students across disciplines also made this a great experience, promoting fruitful discussions and critical thinking all week long. I strongly suggest such a program as it encourages you to step outside your comfort zone and learn more about the world, we live in.”

“Please take the time to sign up. It’s an amazing experience, outside of learning more about how you can contribute to creating a circular economy, the people are fantastic. Getting a chance to sit down and speak with students from almost every province, from local and international backgrounds was amazing. Coming together for this experience was amazing and Guelph is a beautiful school and an amazing place to explore and enjoy outside of the program hours.”

“I highly recommend this experience. It gives you the unique opportunity to met with individuals tackling real-world complex issues and work with multidisciplinary peers to problem solve in a collaborative and applied manner. It is an immersive opportunity that is good for any student or individual interested in context-driven, systems thinking-focused implementation science.”

“It EXCEEDED my expectations! I really grew as a researcher and person from this experience. I’m even more excited to start my PhD and inspired to do impactful research. Also, everyone involved was so kind and interesting that it made the week feel like such a treat.”

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